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  1. The more we read and try to understnad BABA, it is but natural that we would like to follow the right path as per our understanding. That is what BABA wanted us to live our life. And yet being normal social human beings we sometimes are dragged into normal behaviour rather than "correct, proper" behaviour. We need to strive living life that BABA wants us to, not feeling guilty when we fault.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  2. I am into a serious problem people are trying to beat me up very dangerous people and I don't know how I fell into this issue since I had nothing to do with the issue I am targeted before this issue I am not a great devotee of sai baba but I don't know how I stared trusting and praying sai baba I am praying god that to relieve me from this problem and give me a peaceful life I don't what is going to happen next I on ly trust sai baba and go out I believe in him a lot baba please do some miracle and get me out of this serious problem and also bless me to become a pilot soon I am failing every single time when I go ahead to do so please bless me and forgive me for my unknown and known mistakes.... please do pray for me too OM SAI RAAM

  3. Why don't you file police complaint. Talk it yo your family about this issue. Protect your life. Sai Ram

  4. yes, he warns us, he gives us a feeling that he is taking care of us we feel hi spresence as we always talk to him , so certainly he gives a voice protects us. I believe this and experienced this in bitter times

  5. Inner Voice is not intuition. Inner Voice is Divine Voice according to a Jnani, Smt Rajini Menon. I came across through her book Face to Face with Reality.

  6. Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai


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